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the experience



My love for soft, natural lighting and the emotional connection my subjects are aspects of my personal style that I place the highest importance on for every wedding and session.


Capturing interactions as they happen is what I love. When going through photos from each and every session the ones I stop and smile at are the real moments, the ones that can never be replayed, the ones that are frozen in time.


Each of my clients are so unique and the only way to capture them in all their natural beauty is to build a trusting relationship with them. I want to capture you, I want to capture your true personality and let the become the drive behind every photo.


If you have ever seen me working, you already know that even though I enjoy photographing all wedding styles, I enjoy shooting in an outdoor setting the most. I love the feel of an outdoor wedding. The natural light provides the perfect atmosphere for my style of photography. I adore the light and airy look that makes the bride feel like a princess. My ideal bride is feminine, fearless and decisive. She loves pastel colors, neutral tones and soft fabrics. She pays extreme attention to the details on her day, and is deeply in love with her groom. She feels comfortable wearing high heels or running barefoot through a field. My ideal couple is happy, outgoing and overall, in love. They are not scared of showing their love to others and love to smile. My wedding shoots bring me to parks, fields, upscale barns, and beyond where I can work my best magic to show the love that my couples share. I love connecting with my clients. I like to learn everything from them and get involved in their day to share the joy of their wedding. I often cry when the couple shares their first dance, but don't worry, I have never let that deter me from missing your beautiful moment.

If you are my ideal couple (and at this point, I am guessing you might be if you made it reading this far), we should talk. I would love to photograph your day!


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