Shenia & Colin - Engagement session at the Outdoor Campus

Shenia & Colin.
Wed. Date: October 6th 2018

Shenia and I had a true connection from the day we had our first coffee. I loved her immediately and her ideas and plans for their wedding day were just perfect for my style and brand. Now, I always like to meet the groom before the engagement session and this wasn’t the case because Colin was working. That made me nervous. I like my engaged couples to be 100% on board with me and that includes the approval of the groom also, but just because Shenia was the sweetest person I have ever met, I decided to give them the chance of meeting him for the first time on their engagement session directly. It only took 2 minutes talking to Colin for me to realize why she was so in love with him. He is a genuine nice and caring guy. And what’s most important of all: He is crazy about her. He ended up being as sweet as she was and my time with them just made me realize they are, indeed, my perfect and ideal couple.


We took their photos at the Outdoor Campus right in the heart of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and it didn’t even feel like working. I didn’t even have to give any direction. They were just hanging out, looking at each other and expressing their love for each other… I was just there to photograph it. It was awesome. Even their outfits matched my favorite colors!


Shenia and Colin, thank you so much for letting me part of your day. I can’t wait for your wedding in October. It is going to be a great great day! Love you guys!