The Perfect Bride

South Dakota bride

As a wedding photographer, there is a perfect bride, and I can tell you exactly how she is in a few sentences. 

  1. The perfect bride is happy. She doesn’t get stressed out because it is raining. Or because they day doesn’t go as planned. She understand she can’t control everything and relays in her vendors and family to help her get through the wedding day.
  2. The perfect bride is a planner. She plans her day so everything is under control with no room for surprises.
  3. The perfect bride is understanding. If her father is late. If her mom is talking too slow. If her groom is not understanding what she wants.
  4. The perfect bride is excited. For her day, for her husband, for her marriage.
  5. But overall, the perfect bride is in love.

Are you my perfect bride? Maybe we should get together for a coffee and talk about your day. I would love to hear it.