10 Things Brides Need to Know - Once and For All!

After 6 years as a wedding photographer in the Midwest, I have seen a lot of couples get married and start their lives together. I have seen plenty of dresses, met lots of family members and also, I have seen my brides making the same mistakes over and over. In every wedding, there is at least one moment where I facepalm myself for not warning my bride about what’s happening. That is why I decided to write this post. So new brides, this is it. Read below and please remember!


  1. Cheap solutions end up being expensive. I know everyone has a budget and not a lot of people can afford the most expensive everything; but you should not settle for the cheapest option either. Many times, I have seen my brides being flashed with cheap newbie vendors that promise the world and, even when their intention might be good, their lack of experience can be a real problem in the future. Be sure of who you hire. Ask how long they have been in business, check their social media, their website, their references. You are only going to get married once and you already put a lot of effort into this day, don’t risk all that work over a good deal. Remember: if it is too good to be true, it probably is.
  2. Don’t let your family members condition you. It is YOUR day. Not your moms’. Not your sisters’. If you want something on a certain color, do it. If you want to get ready at certain location, do it. I work really hard to plan the day with my couples and I have seen several being ruined over last minute changes just because they are trying to accommodate someone else idea. It is YOUR day; you can be selfish for once.
  3. Don’t make last minute changes. Plan your day ahead. Your photographer will help you. I plan my weddings with all my brides months before the big day. We decide where, when and who is part of what. Once everyone knows all of it and everything is organized, don’t change it. Calling people to re-organize changes in the last second will take time and work, and will only confuse everybody. Once the day is planned as you want it, leave it alone.
  4. Don’t stress out too much. Your day is going to go by no matter what. Time doesn’t stop because your father got the wrong tie; or because you got the wrong flowers. If you spend the day mad or worrying about those little things, the only thing you will get is a bad memory of your day. Roll with the punches if anything goes wrong and try to remember it as one more detail of that wonderful day.
  5. Control your bridal party. I can’t say this enough. Many of my couples start drinking in the early morning, and even though I don’t think it is that big of a deal; I have seen many not making it to the reception in very good shape. They forget why they are there and might end up doing something that can ruin the day. I have seen wedding parties forgetting rings. Posting photos of the bride on social media before the ceremony (when nobody is supposed to see the dress quite yet). I have seen people fall down and almost get hurt. Don’t do that. You can have fun with your people without getting absolutely out of control, or having to end up at the hospital.
  6. Don’t argue with your future husband, or his family. It is a very stressful day for everyone, and all they want to do is help. Remember that people can see you rolling your eyes! Specially your photographer ;)
  7. Be sure that you eat. I went to a wedding once where the bride was so obsessed to look good on her dress that stopped eating a few days before the wedding and ended up fainting in the middle of the ceremony. Half of the wedding day lost at the emergency room. Not worth it.
  8. Don’t spray tan. Please don’t do it. There is nothing worse than an orange bride. You look beautiful as you are. You will be the most beautiful one that day no matter what. Save your photographer (and videographer) a headache at editing time.
  9. Save some time just for sunset. All of my brides want sunset photos. Many of them change their mind the day of because they prefer to enjoy time with their guests instead. They all regret it when they don’t do it. If I tell you the light outside is perfect, I mean it. Those 15 minutes away from everyone just taking romantic photos with your groom are worth it. Believe me.
  10. Have fun. Enjoy your day. Enjoy your cake, your decorations and your music. Enjoy the weather no matter what. Is it raining? Go and dance with your groom under the rain! You have been planning for this day for the last year and it is finally here! ENJOY IT.



South Dakota Bride