Why you should NOT have everything you want on your wedding day

This is something that I always wanted to tell my brides. From the point of view of a photographer and an artist: run away from Pinterest. Some weddings have become a combination of 7 different wedding styles instead of what it is supposed to be: a celebration of love between the bride and the groom. Needless to say: here are a few tips on why say yes to everything won’t work and won’t look good on your photos.

  1. Stick to a style. You can have any style you want, after all, it is your wedding! But be loyal to it. Do you like rustic? Romantic? Minimalist? Go for it! But just choose one. I have seen weddings where decorations are all over the place; you can find delicate silk ribbons, rustic centerpieces and antiques suitcases laying around, and instead of a wedding, the venue ends up looking like a flea market. Decide your style and stick to it.

  2. Choose a good combination of colors. Be sure your colors represent you and your theme. Hot pink and silver don’t go with a romantic theme. Dark orange and golds are great for fall but not so good for summer. Ask yourself if you will like to see your wedding in 20 years with those colors in it or if that color combination is really the good one for your wedding style. 2 colors that make a good contrast with a couple of shades of one is the perfect way to go. Neutral colors go with everything. You can’t go wrong with grey suits for the guys. Don’t get yourself in a pickle, choose your colors and don’t change your mind.

  3. Don’t say no to help. Your wedding planner can help you decide. Your photographer will do too. If you have questions about decorations, colors or textures, ask your vendors. We are here to help!

  4. Less is more. Minimal weddings are very popular right now. Fresh flowers are totally in. A place decorated just with flowers and nothing else makes a gorgeous and elegant event and you really don’t need much more. Sometimes thinking outside of the box is actually saying no to all that extra stuff that you don’t really need.

  5. Don’t buy: rent. I can’t say it enough. Save yourself all those trips to Hobby Lobby and all those burns with the glue gun. There are plenty of companies in the Sioux Falls and South Dakota area that rent everything that you will need for your wedding, in any style. You will end up spending almost the same amount of money and save yourself the work of having to sell it after.

  6. Please, keep your wedding as a wedding. I have been in weddings that felt more like circus than a wedding. Caricature artists, games, bouncing castles, even tattoo artists so people can get a tattoo for free as a memory of the day! your wedding should be all about you two and the love you share for each other. Your guests are there to share that moment with you and to support you. Don’t spend money in things that you don’t really need.

Now, you have permission to go back to Pinterest and delete all the pins that don't really go with your theme and breathe. Feels good, right? ;)


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