Why chosing the wrong DJ can affect your wedding photos

Yeah I know, I know... how is that even possible? DJ's do music, and photographers take photos. But let me tell you, it matters. You have no idea how happy I get when I get to a wedding venue and I see that my couple listened to me and hired one of my favorite DJ's... it is not because of the music, but for the lights.

Lights affect everything in wedding photography. Photography is light! and without it, (or with the wrong one), a gorgeous shot can turn into a nightmare. Inexperienced DJs that don't know this can be very hard to work with, so please keep this in mind:

  1. Ask your DJ how long he has been in business and request to see a sample of their lighting.
  2. Be sure he/she is willing to work with your photographer and follow their direction.
  3. Request white soft light if possible for the first dance and be clear about it.
  4. Absolutely NO SPOT LIGHTS. I can't say this enough. Spot lights might look glamorous in movies, but the only thing you are going to get out of it is a photo of you extremely pale in a very very dark background. Believe me, not good.
  5. Give your DJ the photographer's info and vice versa. They can talk to each other and agree the best way to give you the best service on your wedding day. After all, you are paying for it.

Now grab the phone/laptop and contact your DJ if you already have one; or shoot me a message and I can give you a list of the best ones to work with in the Sioux Falls and South Dakota area.

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