Maria & Connor - Wedding at the Sioux Falls Country Club

"REVEREND MOTHER: Are you in love with him?
MARIA: I don't know! I don't know. […] There were times we looked at each other, I could hardly breathe."

June 23, 2018. 11:30 a.m. Gorgeous Saturday in the area of Mckennan Park in Sioux Falls. I am looking for Maria's house. I enter a beautiful house where I can hear laughter, then music; then laughter again. I cross an empty kitchen and pass through a living room completely full of tea, coffee and macaroons. I make a mental note to get back to those later and try them. Keep following the music, I recognize the song, but can't come up with the title quite yet. Then I see Maria. Just as I remember her.

Beautiful smile, deep blue eyes and perfect posture. She is wearing a beautiful wedding gown that fits her perfectly while holding her mom's hand. Then I realize what is going on. It is not music that I am hearing, it's just Maria singing with her mom. Not music, not a movie. Just these two beautiful ladies singing out of pure happiness while the bridal party watches and passes a box of tissues from one hand to another.

We did the first look at Mckennan Park. Connor was already waiting. Nervous. Excited to see his bride. The first look had electricity. They were both dying to see each other, and after a round of photos we headed to the church where they had their ceremony. One of their friends played piano (beautifully). Their friends were singing. The audience was crying. They said I do and left the scene in a convertible car.... straight into the sunset.

This wedding was very emotional. I love Julie Andrews and The Sound of Music; so when Maria told me that is where her name comes from, I knew she was my perfect bride right there.

Enjoy their gallery. I already enjoyed their wedding! :)