When I was the bride: Things that I learned from my own wedding

Sioux Falls Wedding - South Dakota Wedding

Even though I was already living in Sioux Falls at that time, long time ago (well not that long ago!), I was the bride. I was the one choosing vendors, organizing seat charts and making decisions. I was the person in charge of everything; the one that everyone looked at when they had questions and the one that had to have an answer to everything. Like everything in life, I learned from that experience. And today, I wanted to give you my point of view. Things that I learned from my own wedding:

1. Don't do everything on your own. The DIY projects sound fun when you get engaged. You will save money and be able to make everything just like you like it, right? WRONG. Making one thing is fun, making 5 things is ok. Making 75-100 of something is exhausting, and the worst part is that you won't realize it until it is way too late to stop that train. Don't do it. There are many talented vendors that can do that job for you. Trust in your calligrapher. Trust in your decorator. In the end, you will save money and sanity.

2. Get a wedding planner. Believe me. Best thing I ever did. Organizing a wedding from South Dakota to Spain was not a piece of cake. Thank God I had the best wedding planner that became basically my right hand there. They take away lots of headaches and help with decisions when you are overwhelmed. I am 100% pro wedding planners!

3. Invite JUST who you want. Don't listen to anyone. That day it is just about you two, and only the people that really need to be there have to be there. Don't let yourself go into the "feeling obligated" hole. If you are wondering about a specific person, it is very possible they don't want to be there either; so save your money and don't force them to be there.

4. Listen to your groom. He will speak his mind if you let him and can be a huge amount of help if you are willing to take it. After all, it is his day too.

5. Trust in your vendors. You are hiring them for a reason. Don't micromanage them and let them do their job freely.

6. Enjoy the day no matter what. If it rains or snows. If your veil tears. If your dad is wearing the wrong tie. Nothing matters at that point. That day goes very fast. I can't even tell you how fast you will find yourself eating your food with half the day already gone. Enjoy it. Take mental pictures. Look at your groom and talk to him. Have fun. It is your wedding day, and either you like it or not, it will be on your memory forever. Make it a good one!

7. And for the last advice: don't wear a garter. Those things fall down constantly and they are extremely uncomfortable! I ended up throwing mine to a dumpster. Worst thing ever! :)

Now past brides, what advice can you give to future ones that you learned while planning your wedding?