Be Prepared: Horror Stories from {Real} Weddings

During my time as a wedding photographer in South Dakota, I have seen a lot of things. I have seen weddings go great, and weddings go.. well, not so great I guess! But one thing is for sure: I have learned to warn my brides about all the little things that can make your day a tiny bit more complicated. Exhibit A below:

1. Be sure the groom tries on his suit a few days before. Situation: Me driving to the first look with one of my brides on the passenger seat. My second shooter calls me: "do you know where I am?" I don't really like guessing games in the middle of a wedding day so I ask. They were at the suit store, trying to get emergency pants for the groom, because the ones he got were 5 sizes bigger than they had to be! Please grooms: try on your clothes. What brings me to my next tip:

2. Be sure the groom double check his shoes. One of my grooms didn't do it. As any other guy, he bought his shoes, threw them under his bed, and didn't open the box until the wedding day. On the big day, while he is getting ready, he opens the shoe box only to find two left foot shoes and both on the wrong color (white, to be more exact). He literally, had to run to the mall, suit and Nike shoes on to get a new pair before the ceremony. Again please grooms: check your shoes!

3. Do you wear contacts? Bring a spare! I thought the groom was crying when he saw the bride. I thought he got emotional. So much that he didn't stop making funny faces during the entire ceremony. WRONG. One of his contacts fell out of his eye right when the bride was walking down the aisle and they didn't have a spare. Well, at least he had his glasses on during the reception!

4. Be sure you have enough sitting for everyone. This didn't happen to me, but to one of my friends. 450 people invited to a huge wedding. Over 800 showed up. They had to talk to the restaurants nearby to accommodate their guests and spent all their reception going from one venue to another. Please, require RSVPs. They are there for a reason!

5. Be sure that you are giving everyone the right task to do. One of my brides had one family member pulled over and arrested while driving the wedding convertible to pick her up for the ceremony. DUIs exist and you don't want that to happen with your wedding car. Choose who is going to do what carefully!.

At this point I have enough situations to write a book, but I will split them in different blog posts. Keep reading and leave a comment below if you have been in a similar situation!


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