Baillie & Max - Outdoor Wedding by the lake in Pierre, South Dakota

Oh Baillie and Max... my Baillie and Max! So much planning, so much talking, so many messages with these two. I can't believe the day has passed! I met them through Facetime for the first time. We clicked instantly. If I have an ideal bride, Baillie is THAT bride. Her wedding was perfect for my style. Her colors were perfect for my color palette. Her personality matched mine since the beginning. And Max is just the sweetest add-on to this mix!

They were living in Michigan when I met them. Their wedding was going to be in Pierre. Outdoor wedding by the lake, with a huge boat to ride on our way to the reception, and a gorgeous venue surrounded by donuts that I might have enjoyed way too much. (Yum)

Max met Baillie during 4th of July when she was working at a firework stand. He proposed to her with fireworks. Their wedding couldn't finish any other way.

Baillie if you are reading this: give me call and let's get coffee! I would love to see you again and see how you are doing with the moving. (They are moving back to SD!)

If you are just here visiting, scroll all the way to the bottom. See how these two managed to make such a romantic event in the heart of South Dakota.