How to find your ideal Wedding Photographer

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I have spent many hours reading and trying to understand who my ideal client is, and who is the person that I want to attract towards my business. I have tried many things and failed in a lot of them, but I can finally say I am starting to attract my ideal bride! And who is my ideal client? Well, I made a list of my best past clients, wrote down their qualities, and this is what came up:

My ideal bride is feminine, fearless and decisive. She loves pastel colors, neutral tones and soft fabrics. She pays extreme attention to the details on her day, and is deeply in love with her groom. She feels comfortable wearing high heels or running barefoot through a field. My ideal couple is happy, outgoing and overall, in love. They are not scared of showing their love to others and love to smile. Her wedding will be in a park, field, or modern barn and won’t be scared of letting me work my best magic to show the love that she shares with her groom.

Are you my ideal bride? If you are, and you are reading this: Hello Bestie! Let’s grab a coffee! If you don’t feel we are the perfect fit, don’t leave quite yet, because I have a few tips below that will help you find your ideal photographer so you won’t bounce from one to another anymore.

  1. Check their website, and not just their welcome page. If you have found a photographer that you might like for your wedding, take the time to get to know him/her. Their entire website should speak to you. Their colors, fonts and style should be appealing to you and their “About Me” page should make you smile. If their web does this to you, believe me, you are onto something!
  2. Meet them in person. Or on Facetime if you are far away. I like to meet my clients face to face. I like to talk to them with my mouth and not just typing. I like to interact with them and see how they talk about each other. Take the time to meet your photographer and be sure that he/she is the person that you will want around you on that special day.
  3. Do the engagement session. You need to know if you and that person work well together. Introduce him/her to your fiancé, and be sure everyone is comfortable with each other. The wedding day will be too late to go back, but you can learn a lot about your photographer during your engagement session. Plus it will be fun to take photos in a relaxed way!
  4. Check their Instagram and social media, and not just one photo. Their grid should belong together. Their editing should be consistent. If they have 2 (or 3 or 4) different editing styles, how can you be sure of the product that you are getting in the end?
  5. After doing all this, make yourself this question: On the day of my wedding,  am I going to be happy having this person by my side all day?. If the answer is yes, congrats! You have found your ideal wedding photographer. Now go lock your date before someone else does!