5 things you should expect from your wedding vendors


As a Midwest wedding photographer, I owe everything to my clients. They are the first thing to me and I feel in deeply commitment with them when they hire me. However, not everyone feels the same. Over the years I have witnessed several vendors that almost ruined my couple's big day for not being professional enough. This breaks my heart. My brides spend months getting ready for that day and it is our responsibility as vendors to be sure that the day goes as they have planned. With this said, future brides please read below!

1. Communication. This is a simple one that I think a lot of vendors forget about. In my case, my brides are important. They are a priority. If they need me, I am there. That means that if they call me, text me or email me, it takes me literally minutes to answer. They text me questions, photos of outfits for engagement session, photos of their decorations...I am there for them anytime they need me, because I feel that's the way I would like to be treated if I was them, don't you think so? Who wants to work with a vendor that just takes your money and doesn't respond to you when you need them? Communication is key with your wedding vendors!

2. Respect. This is another big one. Respect and love are the two words that I like to use with every single one of my clients. If respect is gone or just non existent, sorry I don't want to work with you!

3. Attention. To your details. To your questions. To you. When my clients talk, I listen. I pay attention to their needs no matter what they are and I am sure I take care of it. How many times have you been talking to someone that is spotting their phone notifications with one eye and just acting like he or she is paying attention to you? No thank you!

4. Excitement. It is their day! and the most important day of their life! I love to enjoy the planning with my couples and be part of their wedding excitement! It is like planning my own wedding over and over. Plus when I take part on their excitement, somehow I start feeling like part of their day. Yeah, I love to feel excited for my bride's day!

5. Satisfaction. By the end of your wedding, you should feel like choosing that vendor was definitely the right choice. I want my brides to remember in 20 years, that their photographer helped make their day awesome. It is my mission and my goal.

Do you think I am forgetting something in this list? Tell me if you have had a bad experience with one of your vendors on your wedding.