6 things that I learned from my 2017 brides

Ethereal bride

I started this blog in a plane on my way to Nashville. I decided that this year I was going to blog for real and for good and I wanted to make a list of information I would like to share with my readers. I want to help my brides. I want to help other photographers. I am not going to be scared of being vulnerable because I want to let everyone know what I think they should know even if they aren’t booking me as their wedding photographer. I want to share my mistakes with other professionals and tell them how I learned from them; and overall, I want to help new couples make the right decision on their wedding day. So here we are. As I said before this is how we start. 6 things I learned from my 2017 brides.

1. You don't lose your brides after the wedding. They are willing to stay in my life and I am willing to stay in theirs! Last week one of my brides from 2017 year called me for dinner and I was super excited to go and listen to what they have going on. And I love, love, love when they call me to photograph their families as they grow. It is a tremendously rewarding feeling.

2. Their families will accept you as one of their own. In a wedding, people tend to forget about the families of the couple, and I learned this year that even though they stay in the back that day, it is also mom and dad's day. I have cried with a lot of moms this year out of pure happiness and received a lot of thank you notes from them after the wedding. I do really, really love the families of my couples!

3. Their love story is yours if you are willing to listen. I love asking my couples when and how they met. How he proposed. How he knew she was the one. I am a helpless romantic, so those stories confirm my thought that love is as real as life itself!

4. They trust you. This is something that I tend to brag about, but I do love it. My brides trust me, and when they do, I know I’m doing my job right. They trust me to photograph one of the most important days of their entire life, and that is a badge that I wear with a lot of pride.

5. They will look to you for advice. I am 100% there to provide it. I know this might sound cliche... but I am not just their photographer. I am their helper for that day, in any fashion that they need (boutonniere pinner, furniture mover, bra fixer, tie adjuster and whatever else they need me to help with!)

6. They can become my biggest supporters. They still are. My past brides are my very best advertising. They cheer for me, recommend me and waste no time in throwing my name on the table as soon as a friend gets engaged; and for all this, I really love them!