10 tips for better photos on your wedding day. (Live and learn from a photographer's point of view)

As a photographer, I try to communicate this with all my couples. Today I am bringing it to you. If you are engaged, you will appreciate this. If you are a past bride, I really hope you can relate. :)

1. Trust your photographer: Believe me. You hired them for a reason. They can see the photo before it happens. They can read light. Trust your photographer. If they say this light won't work or this time won't work for this kind of photo, trust them. We are always looking for the best light for our shots and we will do our best to take the best photos. We want them for our website, too!

2. Outdoor is always better: Nothing beats natural light. Absolutely nothing. If you have a chance to take photos outside: do it! You won't regret it.

3. Estimate plenty of time: You never know what can go wrong. Someone might be late. Flowers might not be on time... Giving yourself and your photographer plenty of time to not be rushed can help tremendously with your photo result and your photo experience.

4. Enjoy and be relaxed: No good story came out of a stressful situation. The planning is done. Now it’s time to relax, sit back, and enjoy the ride. It is your day and the stress can be seen in photos very easily.

5. Be truly happy and be yourself. Don't overthink the photos. You are gorgeous. You are happy and today will be your day no matter what. So if you feel like being dorky or silly, do it! there is nothing more amazing than a truly happy bride.

6. Tidy up your “get ready” room: Getting ready photos have a very easy trick to be great, and it is an easy one: Get ready in a tidy room. It really doesn't even matter if the room is pretty or not as long as there is nothing on the walls and on the floor. When you get ready, the only thing calling attention should be your dress and you (and not the basement of a church full of kids’ stuff and duffel bags laying around).

7. The Best room is for the bride: This is another easy one for your getting ready photos: If there is a cleaner room with a window, the bride gets ready there. I had brides getting ready in ugly basements where their dresses barely fit and the groom and the guys are getting ready upstairs in a gorgeous library. Sorry guys, but if there is a big room with a well-lit source of light, it should be for the bride!

8. Scout locations with me: I love going out with my brides and looking for unique locations for the formals and the first look. It helps a ton when everyone is on the same page and you know exactly where we are doing what. I don't like to leave anything unplanned. So if you have the chance, help your photographer and agree with them on a cute location outside around the church area.

9. No last-minute changes: Once everything is planned, don't change it. Last minute change of plans stress everyone out and involve a lot of phone calls and confusion for a lot of people. Once your schedule is done with your photographer and you have all your ducks in a row, leave it like that!

10. Don't try to control the weather and just go with the flow. The Midwest can be an unforgiving place for outdoor weddings. Everyone knows that. The weather changes every half hour. But if there is something I have learned from this, it is to not get stressed over it. As I said before, today is your day no matter what, so if it rains, let's get a cute umbrella and take photos in the rain! Brides in water boots are so cute, too! Don't let the weather ruin your smile and go with the flow. The best photos come from relaxed and happy people!


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